You can join the coaching waiting list for free here. Being placed on the waiting list does not create any binding or obligation on you. You’ll be one of the first to hear the next time registration opens.Click here to view the Blogger to Professional™ training participant blog. I wanted to collect here some comments, feedback, and experiences from Blogger to Professional™ online coaching participants. Ilpo joined in early 2021 Paula, Hanna, Miia and Jenni joined in the fall of 2018 Experience from blogger to professional coach Experience from blogger to professional coach Experience from blogger to professional coach Me lona joined Ilona in the summer of 2018 as a professional doctor and I was really amazed at the results she achieved from day one: From Blogger to Professional™

Tutoring Tutoring only starts twice a year because

The material is self-study, but an active Facebook community offers help and support. And me, doing coaching as a head coach. Together latest database with our assistant coaches, we hold approximately 30-minute live broadcasts in the community every other week, twice a year, and an hour-long webinar, the recording of which can be viewed later. “If I’ve been successful with over 1,000 students, there’s no reason why you can’t be successful.” -Tia Kitinen Experience from Blogger to Professional™ I want to make sure every student There are opportunities for help and support along the way. That’s why we move forward with coaching as a team.

The training is structured so

 Many entrepreneurs and bloggers have received Blogger to Professional™ coaching, such as: Two entrepreneurs with doctoral dissertations Doctors Life coach Dental hygienist Personal trainer Accountant Accounting firm Entrepreneur Speech therapist Psychotherapist Congressman Wealth coach Investment blogger Main Mom Blogger Travel Blogger Digital Nomad Coach Timber Trade Expert Indoor Blogger This training is suitable for entrepreneurs, bloggers and content Phone Number UAE producers. We developed the training in such a way that you can join in even if you haven’t thought about blogging or blogging topics yet. The training has a dedicated section on how to set up a WordPress blog.  that material is released weekly so that you get the right information in the right order.

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