In the graph that I left in my presentation at Product Industry the beginning of this article you can see my monetization, I added the vignette when I was making €500 per month. Furthermore, there I greatly improved the position of the ads, purposely leaving them where I knew the user could have the warmest finger. Be careful with this last thing I tell you, because they were not on dangerous sites and susceptible to warnings from Adsense. A second beginning for your dream Now yes, friends, if you have come this far with a niche, surely that countdown has stopped, you no longer feel that pressure and your mind will have forgotten about that countdown.

SEO blog in Spanish deserves Product Industry to bring out the best in me

As you have seen, it is very important to industry email list dedicate time to what really returns. In this post I have tried to capture all those points to take into account before buying a single domain and throwing your time away. Believe me when I tell you that the more I progressed in creating the post, the more I thought about whether I should publish this niche. I think the opportunity to write in the best SEO blog in Spanish deserves to bring out the best in me, and that is what I have tried to do through these explanations. Now that you know the niche you may think that it is not that big a deal.

Intention makes it a niche as profitable as those

Okay, well, think that something as Phone Number UAE simple as this… can give you a monthly salary for a few years. For me, the most important thing about the niche is that it goes beyond what we all know: procedures, downloads, etc…, and at the same time the user’s intention makes it a niche as profitable as those. If you are interested in knowing how I am living this second dream, I will tell you about it here… Now I find myself starting for the second time, with clearer ideas than ever, investment capacity and eager to continue learning day by day from the best. I give more and more value to the quality of the project, good content, good design and good links.

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