The results were similar – each time publications resulte in 4,590 clicks. The graph shows that if the post was publishe only once, the message would lose about 3,900 intereste recipients. tweety3Source: American Express Buffer At Buffer, they often tweet links to the same article on their blog multiple times. Such tweets generate a lot of traffic on the website and engage followers. One of the repeate tweets is 10 Things To Stop Doing Today to Be Happier, Backe by Science , which was eagerly retweete with each publication. If it had only been publishe once, they would have lost 417 clicks on Buffer.

Gaining many clicks and likes

Buffer Brand24 At Brand24, we also repeat tweets to reach as many people as possible. Using our tool, the Internet is monitore by customers from Latest Mailing Database Europe, America and Asia. We are well aware that our followers also come from different parts of the world and different time zones. An example of our multiple tweet is Why B2B Companies Should Get Serious About Social Meia , which has garnere more likes with each post. It’s also a good example of how to re-tweet – although each post links to the same article, the photos and copy are always different.

Latest Mailing Database

Even though repeat tweets

Why B2B Companies Should Use Social Meia to Sell More Benefit from Social Meia – B2B Marketing Tips of the Day! May 12, 2016 8 Top Reasons Why Phone Number UAE Smart B2B Organizations Takes Social Meia Initiatives Seriously! (brand24) May 14, 2016 Don’t worry about spam are a common practice, still not convince? Your main concern is surely that your recipients will suspect you of spam. Perhaps the fact that on average only 14% of followers will see the same tweet twice will convince you.

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