The remaining 6 will be awarded through various competitions and raffles. Sales result? A bit more than €500 . I was feeling quite overwhelmed.  course was 6 months. I used an average of 2 working days a week to complete the course. In terms of time and money, the course took 336 hours of work time and 22,092 euros in lost income. Heck. Should I have done something differently? Well yes! However, I did not let this discourage me. I decided to learn how to make online courses and to this day I can say with a clear conscience that I have actually learned something.

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 Also read this: Experiences with course platforms after 7 years of digital entrepreneurship After almost special data two years of “do-it-yourself” studies, many mistakes, accidents and failures, I have been able to build online courses that work and that students like. If you are just starting to create your own online course , read this post with your thoughts in mind. I believe you don’t want to spend 2 years making the same mistakes I did. Smart people (like you) always learn from other people’s mistakes. In this post, I will tell you what you should consider before taking your first online course. Why an online course? Why not live coaching? is rarely full, especially the first time. Although an ice rink gig is a wonderful dream, you have to work for several years to gain enough recognition to manage to fill the rink.

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And this spring (2020) has shown in its own harsh way why online coaching must at least be alongside live coaching. Making an online course: This is how you plan and make your first online course Online courses do not have a sales ceiling. Live coaching can accommodate exactly as many chairs as there are in the room. But you can sell an online course unlimitedly. Or at least as many as there are potential customers. An online Phone Number UAE course is not the only product you can sell online. Other options include: e-books webinars workbooks podcasts audio files e-mail courses membership sites So there are alternatives! Did you start to have ideas? Creating an online course is theoretically faster than, for example, an e-book.

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