List with the 10 best free video banks [HD] 2022

Simple and easy to use dashboard Interesting free version GDPR-compliant and privacy-friendly website analytics No tracking cookies Real-time traffic analysis No bots or referral spam Track visitors blocked by ads. View heatmaps by page, visitor or segment Uptime monitoring, etc. MonsterInsights is a great alternative to Google Analytics for those using WordPress as the platform for their website.

List with videoezy

It is one of the most popular website email contact list analytics plugins for WordPress and offers seamless integration with Google Analytics. The main advantage of MonsterInsights is its ease of use and the clear and understandable way of presenting the data in your administration panel. There is no need to leave. List with your website to access Google Analytics reports and statistics. MonsterInsights another free alternative to Google Analytics Free plugin with basic options and more advanced paid versions.  Features: Simple and easy to use interface Real time analysis.

Advantages of Coverr

User behavior reports Easy eCommerce tracking EU Detailed Phone Number UAE statistics for each post and page Track clicks on your affiliate links. Other outbound links data Clicky. List with is another popular option for those looking for a similar alternative to Google Analytics . Form Tracking Measure all interactions with embedded videos on YouTube, Vimeo and ranking reports, etc. Without a doubt. List with one of the best and simplest alternatives to Google Analytics. Open Web Analytics is another open source tool similar to Google Analytics in terms of functionality. With OWA, you can easily track your website traffic, analyze user behavior, and get conversion insights. 

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