You worked hard to get those top keyword rankings. But the work doesn’t end there. If your listing fails to communicate value, you can’t expect many clicks to your website. And every lost click costs you a crucial opportunity to reach your audience. Optimizing your click-through rate is an overlooked search marketing technique that can have a large impact on your overall site traffic. In this article, you will learn more about the click-through rate. How to Improve and the nine tried and tested tips to win more clicks by improving it.

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Sure we’re on the same page about what CTR is, why it’s important, and set a benchmark for what your CTR should be. Click-through rate definition Click-through rate (CTR) is the executive email list relationship of clicks on your link (clicks) compared to the number of times your listing appeared on a SERP (impressions). CTR represents how effective your search engine listing is in attracting people to visit your webpage. Naturally, CTR is important because the higher it is, the more people visit your website. And we like when people visit our website because they are that much closer to becoming customers. CTR is also helpful from a strategy standpoint.

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Predict the traffic that organic search improvements bring and help prioritize content optimization. Just as you don’t want to analyze CTR from a general point of view, you don’t want to Phone Number UAE optimize for CTR as a sitewide sweeping action. You may have heard marketers refer to CTR optimization as finding the “low-hanging fruit.” To find what pages to optimize CTR for, sign in to Google Search Console, select your search property, and open the Performance > search results report. The date range will automatically be set to the last three months. This is fine, but feel free to extend or shorten the duration to account for your site volume and seasonality.

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